5G: Everything You Need To Know

We are one month down in the 2020 year and the most anticipated technology the 5G network is around the corner. 5G stands for 5th generation network. We have already seen 4th generations of networks starting from heavy Black & White handsets to Ultra HD screen, High megapixel camera smartphones. These smartphones are no less than any super computer in your pocket. We thrive for better technology day by day. Tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Oracle etc are making better operating system every day. So to match the pace of daily advancing operating systems we need faster networks.

Right now most of the smartphones in the world are operating on the 4G networks. Many countries like China, USA, South Korea, Germany, UK, Japan, Philippines & some other European countries have rolled out 5G network tests publicly. This year 2020 will be the year that sees 5G networks started in India as well. A lot of companies have already released 5G compatible smartphones like Moto Z4, Moto Z3 & Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G, One plus 7t Pro 5G.

You will not only see the increase in the speed of download upload but enhancement in quality and range also. The Faster 5G network is expected to deliver the speed of data transfer ranging between  10 GB to 20 GB per second for downloading in the fully operated 5G network area, 100 times faster than 4G networks speed that was around  10 Mbps.

It will provide you with the benefits of:

  • Faster downloading and uploading speed
  • Online streaming will be smoother & faster
  • Voice Calls and Video calls will be of higher quality
  • You can get more of IoT ( Internet of Things) services & Innovations
  • There will be more enhanced mobile networks & coverage area will be expanded
  • It will also cause more advancement in technologies like self-driving cars & smart city systems

With better networking service your devices like Smartphone, Computers & servers etc will be running better providing you with better utility & saving your time. A faster network can save you from a lot of hassle & time.

With the shift to the 5G network, we will witness a better change in the IT sector also. The working capability of the IT sector will also increase a lot. The Smartphone Application Sector will also see new opportunities. There will be an increase in workability of software too

Faster Network Gets Faster Work Done

The Bigger changes will be in:

  • Online Education & Learning

Schools are using Computer Systems for education for decades but a faster 5G network can accelerate the information sharing and better teaching ways with Audio Visual examples of problem & solutions. When a student is learning through the tech environment then he can easily be prepared to acquire certain skill sets

  • Information Technology

The IT sector mainly consists of Hardware, Software, Database and Network. IT sector utilize these components for management and safety of data processing, analyzing and interpretation. A faster 5G network can open new doors for advancements and innovations.

  • Internet Of Things

5G can result in the quick evolution of Smart Systems. We are already working for smart Homes and even smart Cities. It will be good for healthcare, transportation and communication going automatic with precision and accuracy.

  • Professional Skill Development

There is a lack of qualified professionals in most of the fields. This can help in preparing Pros to encounter the scarcity of people with specific skill sets.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI has been used as machines with a few human-like skill sets. 5G can speed up the progress in this field with better connectivity.

  • Cloud Computing

We have been using cloud computing tech for storage of online data in services like Google Drive and iCloud. With faster 5G network we can access the content with ease.

  • Digital Payments

With a bad connection, you can be stuck in a bad situation with your money in the stake. A better network can ensure hassle-free and safe transactions.

  • Internet Or Cyber Security

5G can keep you armoured with better security. You can scan malwares coming from websites and keep them on the check. With the better speed of connection, you can minimize the damage done by hacking. You can have superior means of safety features on guard.

  • Online Gaming & Simulations

Everyone knows how frustrating slow connection can be, but with 5G there will be no lagging and losing in matches because of retard connectivity. You can get the lowest ping on quick network & no server time outs.

  • Digital Entertainment Streaming Services

You can enjoy quicker downloads and streams. You don’t have to go through network test every time you think of downloading or streaming movies, file or binge-watching your favourite web series.

  • Online Businesses Like SEO, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce

Uploading the data on websites or going through the links will be faster. You can update everything fast enough on time and exchange the information and products quicker.

  • Data Analyzing

You can go through a large pile of data within seconds searching for your desired details.

  • Digital Broadcasting and Social Media

Scrolling through social media will be swift and you can get the advantage 5G in every aspect.

Changes like these will make many things easier for us. We can stay connected to the Internet 24/7. Possibly one of the biggest techs will be driverless vehicles because faster 5G network will give faster traffic updates. You can schedule your work more efficiently when you are connected to the details.

There is a huge debate going about the effects of 5G radiation on the Health of Human & Animals primarily Birds & on the environment. The studies & tests are still ongoing around the world on Radiofrequency Radiations. But there has been negligible to no harmful effects have appeared while testing.  South Korea has switched to the 5G network almost in the whole country.

Up to 4 generations of the network we used frequencies between 1 to 5 GHz. The new 5G technology uses between 24 to 90 GHz. But one thing for sure is that switching to 5G will be seen as more placing of Antennas, Wi-Fi Speed meters. We hope that risk will be reduced to very low to zero so we don’t have to worry about embracing the new technology that works more in our favour and use it safely.

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