5 Best Website To Download Free Software For PC [2021]

5 Best Website To Download Free Software For PC [2021]
There are so many sites to download free software for pc. When you download something from the internet there is a possibility that you are downloading malware or viruses along with software.
Of course, you have the antivirus but some of the best antiviruses could not detect dangerous viruses. So it’s better to avoid these free software download sites. That’s why we created the best and trusted websites for you:


Ninite is the best website for downloading the best and popular software like iTunes, Spotify,  Chrome Browser, VLC Player and Developer tools, Media files, utilities, and many more. You don’t have to download software individually. All you have to do is to select which software you want and then it’s download and run the Ninite installer. That’s it.


Softpedia is the best popular software downloading website where you can download free and paid software for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and also android. The best thing about Softpedia is that you can search for any software and game. This site has over 1.2 million apps, games, and drivers. It also adds reviews and ratings for the software. I definitely recommend Softpedia.


This is the best website if you need freeware software for your pc. Filehippo has a huge collection of hand-picked popular softwares that are malware and virus free.

It offers an Update Checker program that scans your system programs and updates them if there is an updated version. Give it a try.



Filepuma is just like Filehippo. They both have similar names and themes. You can download popular software and games for pc. You can also read the news. Filepuma divides software into categories which is easier than Filehippo.

Download (Download.cnet)

It’s one of the old websites on the list or you can say it the mother of all site that provides free software. You can download all types of software and games for your computer. Almost all software is free but some are paid like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and windows. You can find any software for your computer and its malware and virus free.


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